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All Under One Roof
We have the widest selection of professional and domestic small machinery mainly for construction, garden, decoration and etc, within the widest products range, for sure we’re confident to help you to choose the machinery most suited to your needs.

Dedicated Sales Team
We always deliver the leading edge in customer satisfaction. Working together, adhering to “Hope for the best and Plan for the worst”, each staff of our sales team with at least 6 years export sale experience, capable to think every details throughout for you in advance, and do the efficiency impartial advise on purchase best product for your requirement within your budget, and do the well control on the complete production schedule to guarantee timely delivery for you. After sales service all machinery sold by Eray can be serviced or repaired support based on the premises and extended guarantee tied to annual servicing.

Winning Products Support Lineup
We only back the best of the best, putting quality and value firstly is the standard which we operate, and that is made possible by choosing the winning products from Eray contract manufacturing divisions.